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Wednesday, 13 August 2014


A big HELLO to all my beloved followers and friends. I'm so happy to be back in action today after a long long break. Let me introduce you to my new family member, our beloved daughter LEKSSANA Thank you to all of you for the wishes on the arrival of my little angel. I'm delighted!! :-)

Today I'm sharing a delicious recipe of my mum which is my favourite since childhood. I simply love the taste of the fried baby shark in this spicy chilly gravy which is known as SAMBAL in Malaysia. 

Ok let's have a look on the recipe and photos.

Ingredients :-

400gms - baby shark / ikan yu / sura meen (cleaned & washed)

3/4 tsp - tamarind paste
1 medium onion - chopped into rings
curry leaves - as needed
salt to season
sugar - optional

things to grind :-

15 dried chilly - boiled in hot water and drained
5 rose onion - chopped
4 garlic cloves - peeled
shrimp paste / belacan - a small piece (roasted)
a few drops of canola/cooking oil
salt as needed

Add a sufficient water and grind all the above into a smooth paste

Method :-

  1. Season the cleaned baby shark with salt and turmeric powder. Deep fry in hot oil until its a little crispy on the outside / golden brown. Dish out and set aside. (Use a wok cover as the oil will be splashing out while frying)
  2. Heat a little oil in a wok. Add in the grinded paste  and saute till oil floats on the top. Reduce the heat.
  3. Mix the tamarind paste with 1/2 cup of water and add into the wok. Season with salt and throw in the curry leaves and bring it to a boil. 
  4. Balance up the taste with a little sugar . You may also add in a ripe tomato cut into wedges to substitute the tamarind paste during this step.
  5. As the gravy gets a little thicken add in the deep fried baby shark. 
  6. Give it a stir and throw in more curry leaves if you like it aromatic. Let the fish pieces gets coats well with the sambal gravy.
  7. Off the stove when the sambal has thicken. Dish out and serve with hot white rice and a vege stir fry....I had it with stir fried ladies finger....super yummy!!
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