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Friday, 13 September 2013


It was a last minute plan to spend the weekend at TIOMAN ISLAND located at south-east coast of peninsular MALAYSIA or to be more specific its at the north of Johor-Pahang state border. It was a big family holiday from old to young age group and all of us enjoyed to max. 

We took the ferry from Mersing (approximately about 4 hrs plus journey from KL if no jam) and the ferry ride took about another 2 hrs to this beautiful island. 

When the ferry was reaching the jetty (we stayed at Kampung Salang) I feel in love with the beach. As many of you know I love beach holidays and this island has taken the top most place in my favourite beach listing. 

The water was so green and clear...yes so so clear that you can see the fishes swimming in it. Chalets are the most popular accommodation here. Tree top chalets and mostly its all facing the sea. You can imagine how nice that will be......the sand was so fine but you must be careful coz the lots of broken corals are everywhere near the hurts if you accidentally step on them. My young heroes was excited seeing the fishes swimming around them....

We saw many big iguanas here roaming around freely and nobody seem to care. Some looked like baby alligator!! I hate reptiles so I stayed away as far as I could...:-) The food here was ok. Mostly Malay food i.e. nasi lemak, varieties of fried rice, paprik, burger and seafood bbq is like a must thing here. I saw many people into the bbq at night, perhaps its because seafood items are fresh here. 

Activities in this island will be snorkelling, fishing by the jetty, scuba diving and kampung/village hopping...and not to forget we too visited a waterfall in this island. Superb view!! Shopping wise there is nothing much here except some handmade earings, chains, lockets and tshirts, keychains, fridge magnets etc as souvenirs. I would suggest you to do your shopping at the mersing jetty area as there are better choices and cheaper too!

I recommend all those who love beach to visit this place for at least once. You will sure LOVE IT!! Plan to go again when we get the chance.

Check out some of the clicks which we took during our visit.

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