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Thursday, 26 September 2013


This was our dinner last night and i notice when I cook something in a rush...most of the time it turns out well,  hehehehe lucky me! :-) Named it express as it was done in less than 30 min i.e. preparation and cooking time.

Ok, without any delay let's check out the clicks and the super simple recipe. You may alter the ingredients as per your liking but try not to omit the taugeh/bean sprouts as that is the one that makes the char kway teow complete!! Enjoy.....


Ingredients :-

400gms - Kway tiau / flat rice noodles ~ mix with dark soy sauce
100gms - prawns ~ peeled 
2 - dried tofu ~ sliced thin
1 - beancurd ~ cut into small cubes
1 medium onion - chopped
2 cloves garlic - minced
1 egg ~ lightly beaten
taugeh/bean sprout - as needed
kuchai/chives - as needed ~cut into medi
light soy sauce
sugar - optional
2 tbsp - chilly paste

Method :-

  1. Heat 3 tbsp of oil and add in the chopped onion and fry till light brown in colour.
  2. Later add in the prawns and beancurd cubes and fry for a minute and later add in the minced garlic and chilly paste. Keep stirring to ensure the ingredients don't stick to the wok. Use med-low flame if need to.
  3. Once the chilly paste is cooked, break in an egg and while the egg is half cooked add in the kway tiau noodles. Keep stirring to ensure the chilly paste has coated all parts of the noodles. 
  4. The same time, keep adding the light soy sauce to give the salt taste and also to make the noodle moist. Sprinkle over a little sugar if you wish too. 
  5. Once the noodle looks like its done, throw in the sliced dried tofu, taugeh/bean sprout and kuchai / chives. Give it another good stir and that's it.....VOILA!!
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