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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hi dearies how are you today?? I'm feeling great especially after our past weekend getaway to PENANG!! It was an unplanned trip but we had a nice time together there. Hubby had to go there for work and since it was around weekend he took us all along!! So nice of hubby rite....:-)

My boys were literally jumping on their bed the moment they heard Hubby announcing that we are leaving to PENANG for "Jalan-Jalan" !! I couldn't stop laughing looking at their reaction.....packing and getting ready was done within an hour plus. Wow, that's a new time record for us!! Hahahaha!! 

We have visited many of the places here before....and no regrets visiting Penang again and again. I love this place...nice attraction, nice food, lively and the beach is sooooo beautiful!! 

Let me share some info on some of the places that I've visited in Penang. This was done during my past trips. 

BUKIT BENDERA@PENANG HILL,  being the highest peak of PENANG, you will have to use the train ride (train arrives every 15mins) up to the hill. Nice scenery and do check out the old bungalow houses there and also the THIRUMURUGAN temple!

TOY MUSEUM (we had a hard time convincing my boys to leave this place) is a museum loaded with all sort of toys and cartoon characters such as superman, spiderman, kungfu panda, barney, mickey, buzz, woody and many many more.  You will have to purchase the entry ticket for both children and adults. This place could be better, that's what I thought to myself when I was leaving out from there. 

BATU FERRINGI BEACH is one of my favorite beach. I love the scenery here, white sandy beach with  and most importantly its so clean compared to some other beaches that I've been too. I too did visit the night flea market@sidewalk bazaar along the Jalan Batu Ferringi. It's a LONGGGGG night market selling all sorts of things like souveniers, cds, fake sunglasses/bags/watches etc. I made a U-turn halfway coz it was all over the similar items sold at most of the shops :-(

PENANG is also famous with its buddhist temples and KEK LOK SI TEMPLE well known for its 7-tiered pagoda is said to be the largest buddhist temple complex in southeast asia . This temple is located on top of a hill in the little town of Ayer Itam, PENANG. 

WAT CHAIYA MANGKALARAM Temple off Jalan Burma is the largest Thai temple in PENANG. You will find a big statue of Buddha measuring 33 metres long in resting position and this temple is famous for its mural painted walls.

We stayed near Batu Ferringi for easy access to the beach....We didn't go visiting any places this time except to the FERRINGI BEACH which is mainly for our was such a relaxing weekend and we didn't missed out the penang char keow tiau and nasi kandar!! Hahahaha!! PENANG is a food heaven.....almost all the food here is a must try item. 

After check out from the hotel,  we took a drive to Jalan Burma to buy home the famous gift from PENANG, the TAMBUN BISCUIT@BISKUT TAU SA. Him Heang Tambun Biscuit is said to be the No.1 bestseller here so we got ours from there. The shop was so crowded with people and apart from the Tambun biscuit there are alot more things sold here i.e. kuah rojak, nutmeg, coconut cookies, kerepek/chips etc. Hubby spotted another shop, KEDAI BISKUT TIGER HEAD selling similar items located across the road opposite Him Heang.  Hubby went to check it out and came back with Pandan Filling Tambun Biscuits. Wow it's gona be a tambun biscuits week for us.....:-)

On the way home, we exit out to bidor mainly to buy some fruits there....check out the photos. I picked two large mangoes weighing nearly 2kgs (the big one was 1kg plus) which cost me RM29 for both the mangoes!! The taste was so superb....I can't recall what was the name of this mango but it was sooo huge!!! I too bought home some petai@yum yum and cempedak/a type of jackfruit. Phheewwww 

Ok that's all for much story mory already check out my clicks especially the scenery clicks ok....trying my talent on photography and editing....All photos published is copyright reserved by ART OF ARUSUVAI. Do feel free to leave a comment yah. Your comments will keep me energized for a long long time, hahahaha...byeeeeeee!!!!

From Georgetown to Butterworth....a ride on the ferry together with vehicle to cross over to the mainland :-)

HIM HEANG Tambun Biscuit Shop

 Kedai Biskut Tiger Head

With love from Penang

Petai Bidor

Mangoes anyone?? 

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