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Friday, 26 April 2013


Hello are you doing?? Hope everything is fine with you....I have been super busy past few days doing some documentations for my parents and in law. As election is around the corner all places are quite messy and jammed up most of the time. So many events been arranged and I see nearly everyday there's an event!! Not to forget all the lamp post been decorated with the candidates posters etc.....I wonder how long its gona take for the Majlis Perbandaran to clear up those posters, flags etc after the election....pity them!! 

OK back to my recipe's been in my folder for sometime now. I guess it's about time I share it with all of you. Conveniently the day I made this,  I had a siakap@asian seabass. I must admit that I was not interested to cook the fish as whole as I always this recipe came up to my mind.Similar to the usual chilly chicken that I used to have at any local chinese restaurant....with a little alteration of course. :-)

I didn't follow any recipe in particular....just add in whatever that I had in my pantry to suit my taste. OK friends, lets check out the clicks and the super delicious fish fillet recipe.


Ingredients :
1 - siakap ~ cut into fillets
1 - large bombay/white onion ~ cut into wedges
ginger - cut into strips
5 - dried chilly ~ cut each into two

2 tbsp - oyster sauce
2 tbsp - chilly sauce
1 tbsp - tomato sauce
1/2 tsp - dark soy sauce
fine brown sugar - optional

Fish marinate
1 tbsp - ginger juice
1/2 tsp - ground black pepper
1 tbsp - light soy sauce

3 tbsp -rice flour
3 tbsp - corn flour
1/2 tsp - ground white pepper
1/2 tsp - chilly powder ~ optional
salt to taste
water as needed

Method :-

  1. First marinate the fish fillets with the marinate items for about 15 mins and then dip each piece into the batter until well coated and deep fry in hot oil.
  2. Dish out and set aside.
  3. Heat about 2 tbsp of oil in a wok and add in the bombay onion wedges and fry till its slightly browned. 
  4. Then throw in the ginger strips and dried chillies. Lower the flame.
  5. Mix in the ingredients for the sauce with a little water and pour into the wok. Give it a gentle stir. (you may add in any vegetable ~ celery, carrot or capsicum during this step)
  6. Add in the fried fish fillets, increase the heat a little, stir and cook covered for about 1 min. 
  7. Remove the lid and sprinkle some water if needed. Stir  gently and dish out. Serve hot with rice!! Yuummmyyyy!!


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