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Friday, 1 March 2013


Good day to all of I'm back with a dessert recipe which has been passed down to me by my eldest sister....She has been one of my inspiration when comes to cooking and baking....I love her cooking the best after my mum's !! This jelly is well known among dessert lovers and it calls for very simple ingredients. OK check out the clicks....sorry I forgot to take a click before cutting the jelly as I was rushing for a function that day....made this jelly specially for a good family friend who had bangle ceremony last weekend. I'm taking this opportunity to wish her a safe delivery!!


Ingredients :-

1 packet jelly powder - 13gms (it's without colouring) 
1 can - evaporated milk / susu sejat ~ i used Ideal brand
1/2 can condensed milk - optional ~ it gives a nice milky and sweet taste
Water - 500 to 800 ml or as needed
sugar as needed ~ i used about 250gms
salt to taste
coloring - yellow, orange, red, green, blue
1 tsp - vanilla essence 

Method :-

  1. In a deep pot,  bring to boil water and sugar and add in the jelly powder and vanilla essence.
  1. After a boil pour in about 2 big scoops of the jelly mixture into four separate bowl and add in the orange, red, green and blue coloring to each bowl. 
  1. Give it a stir so that the color gets even and transfer the bowls into the freezer.
  1. Meantime add in the condensed milk and evaporated milk into the balance jelly mixture in the pot. Mix well. 
  1. Cut out your orange, red, green and blue jelly from the freezer into nice cubes and keep aside.
  1. Scoop out about 1 bowl of the milk colored jelly mixture and the balance mix in with yellow coloring.
  1. Rinse your jelly tray with running water and pour in the yellow colored jelly mixture first. 
  1. Once the top part of the jelly gets set a little, gentle arrange the colored jelly cube and pour in the cream colored jelly mixture. 
  1. At this stage, since I used the semicircle shaped tray, my yellow and cream jelly mixtures got mixed a bit. 
  1. Anyhow I managed to get a nice colour combo out of it and you can see the result at my photos above! :-)

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