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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Photo courtesy from Mr. Google.

Hello was my 34th birthday last friday@11th JANUARY  and I had a good time with my hubby and boys....It's a true happiness to have the three of them in my boys were so excited about my birthday and they kept talking about it !! :-)

I got a pleasant surprise on the morning of my birthday......the three of them came singing to my dressing room with a cake lighted up and I was so pleased!! A simple celebration before my boys go to their kindergarten....and also special treat by Mr. Hubby for dinner that night...he took me in total to three different restaurant/cafes in that one night and we had some light food at each place....i loved it!!  I feel like 10 years younger now...hahahahaha!!

Here's come clicks that I'd love to share with all my blogger friends....have a good day!!


Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting......yummy!!

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