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Thursday, 27 December 2012


Dear have you been?? I'm fine here and it's been an extremely busy month for after one....and just today I got the time update my blog.....I've have regularly checked the updates from the other blogs.....It's always been pleasure to see all sort of new food tried by all my other food blogger friends from around the world.....being in blogging world is always special to me....I love this 'world' where I gain so much of knowledge from lovely blogger friends.....

As the title says....I had a fantastic time with my family during our short getaway to Langkawi Island 2 weeks back.....nothing like spending some valuable moments with your loved ones.....It's a special moment for my boys as it was their first time boarding a flight....their excitement is true happiness...I must thank Mr. Hubby for this lovely holiday....let me share some of the pictures taken at Cenang Beach in Langkawi on 12.12.12.......yes we were there on this special date!! :-)

Photo: One of my scenery shots at cenang beach today....12.12.12  
Photo: Second scenery shot....
Photo: Third shot....
 and here's a shot of my boys.......
 Photo: Angry birds!!
 At one of the stalls along Cenang Beach...

 Photo: Dataran Lang
 At Dataran Lang....big eagle statue!!

Photo: Underwater World
Underwater world....big aquariums with lots of seawater fish

Photo: NAHS ......Mr.Cowboy!
Horse riding...actually they just took the horse for a walk....this was before our cable car ride....
This shot is blur.....btw this is at Lake of Pregnant Maiden@ Tasik Dayang Bunting ....have to walk in a bit before you can see the lake...what is so special about this lake is...its surrounded by salty seawater and this lake water is fresh water...about 10m deep!!


Lake of Pregnant Maiden@ Tasik Dayang Bunting

For those who are not familiar with Langkawi.....ok just some info to share if you plan to visit this island in future ....basically it's a nice location for family gateaway as you can have fun at the beach....What can you do at the beach apart from our usual beach picnic and swimming?? Well, there is island hopping activity@ you will be taken to 3 nearby small islands in a boat.... watch live eagle can have a trip to a nearby island called Payar Island for more activity as scuba diving, watch fish feeding including baby shark....At Cenang beach there's banana boat, jet ski, foot massage........I got a nice foot and shoulder massage by a Filipino lady at the beach....aaahhh I badly needed that!!! :-)

Ok apart from beach there's other things for you to do...sight seeing...just get a map if the island and drive out....mainly don't miss out the cable car ride, duty free shopping....alcohol, beer, cigarettes and chocolates are all duty free you can purchase all this items for a very reasonable price here!!

Go and check out this place for your own...I'm sure you'll like it too!! 

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