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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I never missed baking PINEAPPLE JAM TART for Diwali as this is my husband's all time favourite.....I made two types of tarts, one is the flower shaped tart and the other is the rolled tart @ tart gulung. I used the ready made pineapple jam as the filling...bought it from the bake supplier shop. I prefer to get the one that is sweet....hate it when the paste taste sour!!  

Ok friends, lets check out the clicks and recipe....

Flower Tart
This click isn't very clear....sorry!! 

Rolled Tart @ Tart Gulung

Another view of Rolled Tarts...


Ingredients :-

1kg - pineapple jam
500gms - wheat flour/tepung gandum
300gms - butter ~ i used buttercup brand
3 - egg yolks (two for the dough and one for the topping)
yellow coloring - optional
1 tspn - vanilla essence
1 tsp - icing sugar
salt to taste

Method : -
  1. Using the hand mixer, beat the butter till it becomes pale in color and add in the icing sugar and two (2) egg yolks and beat again till fluffy.
  2. Add in the vanilla essence.
  3. In another bowl add in the flour and salt and mix well. 
  4. Add the flour into the butter mixture and knead using ur hand. Do not over do it. 
  5. Keep it aside covered for 15 to 20 mins.
  6. Meantime, using a teaspoon as a measurement spoon to get an even sized jam, scoop the jam and roll it to a ball.
  7. Place the jam balls in the fridge for about 15 mins before in use. 
  8. First i made the rolled tart @ tart gulung coz the dough texture is just right for this. 
  9. Place the jam fillings and brush with colour added egg yolk.
  10. Bake for 15-20mins or until the top is golden brown in colour. 
  11. For the flower tart I used the same method but the flour I added about 50-100gms more to make the dough a bit hard so that when i cut using the flower mould it comes out clean. 
  12. I too brushed the dough for the flower tart with egg yolk before placing the jam. 
  13. The flower tart baked between 15-20mins. 

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