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Monday, 15 October 2012


UTTAPAM or OTTAPPAM is a dosa-like dish. Uttapam is a thick pancake, with toppings cooked right into the batter. My hubby named it Pizza Dosa (only the cheese is missing here) !! Tomato, onion, carrot and cilantro...that was the toppings that I used for the uttapam....simply superb!! I have to admit it really did taste so good. The crispiness of the uttapam and the sweetness from the slightly grilled vegetable was so marvelous.....I'm sure gona make this again in future......We had it with tomato chutney and pudina thogayal....a wholesome of healthy dinner treat for us. Friends do try out and let me know if you enjoyed it too!! 

Uttapam in the making....

Cooked Uttapam!

Uttapam ready to be served....


Ingredients :-

2 cups - idli batter
1 tsp - cumin powder 
1/3 cup - water 
salt to taste
1/2 tsp - baking powder ~ optional
ripe tomato - chopped
red onion - chopped
cilantro - chopped
carrot - grated
oil - as needed
*amount of vegetable depends on individual*

Method :-

  1. Mix in the cumin powder, baking powder, salt and water to the dosa batter. Stir well.
  1. Heat up your dosa griddle or non stick dosa pan.
  1. Once heated adjust the heat to medium and pour a ladle full of batter to make small circle. (smaller than the usual dosa size)
  1. Sprinkle with the chopped vegetables and drizzle a tbsp of oil around the uttapam. 
  1. Cover with lid and cook using medium flame. 
  1. Once the bottom part looks a bit crispy, turn it over carefully and cook again for further 2 mins.
  1. Drizzle some oil if needed.
  1. Once the uttapam is fully cooked transfer to serving plate and enjoy with your chutney or curry!! 

Pizza Dosa...ooopppsss Uttapam anyone?? :-)

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